Digital Marketing Strategy for Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

What if I told you that every wrong decision you make for your business regarding your web presence costs you thousands of dollars?

And no, I am not even talking about hundreds of potential customers you are losing because you do not have a solid digital marketing strategy in place!

Sounds like I am exaggerating?

Well, read on and you will find out exactly how much.

Who is this guide for?

This guide is for business owners and entrepreneurs who want to expand their knowledge, in order to take full control over the online presence of their business and make better decisions when it comes to marketing their business online.

I will do my best to give you as much useful information as possible about the most frequently used digital marketing channels and how to use them to your advantage.

I can promise you that you will get approached by marketing experts, web developers, designers, social media managers etc…, that will tell you why you need their services.

And to be honest, I do believe some of them will give you amazing results, while on the other hand, most of them will just waste your money and give you false expectations.

But how are you going to know which one to trust and what is actually possible and what not?

These days, everyone who knows how to post a picture on social media calls himself a social media manager!

They do not even go the extra mile to learn how to really take advantage of the platform they manage!

How do I know that?

I will give you a real example.

Once I had a meeting about Online presence with one of my clients and my client’s Facebook social media manager joined our conversation. We were having a productive meeting when I asked her about Facebook Retargeting. Her face instantaneously went blank…

Retargeting is a Facebook ad’s functionality, which enables you to show the ads only to your previous customers or your website visitors literally for pennies.

And while I do not blame her (that much) for not knowing how to use that, I was shocked that she did not even know what that is and why is it used for.

Digital marketing is not a magic wand, but it can be if done correctly!

As you will see from the examples below, good marketing strategy won’t only improve your results, but in most cases it is going to multiply them.

Building a good online presence is a marathon and not a sprint.

Every time you are going to spend money on marketing, remember that you could be getting much better results if you had the understanding of the whole digital marketing strategy picture.

And making the right decisions will not only help you dramatically improve your results, but also help you save your hard earn money that would otherwise go to waste.

What can you expect from this guide?

By the end of this series you will have an all around digital marketing understanding which in my opinion will only get more important in the future, since businesses will have to adjust to the technology.

Every time you will have to make a decision regarding your digital marketing strategy you will be able to refer back to this guide and check what makes sense for your business and where you need to pay attention.

There is a lot of information out there. Some authorities are preaching social media marketing, others seo optimisation, but unless you take the care of the full online strategy, your results will never be as good as they could be.

Here is how it works.

The effectiveness of each of the marketing channels is as good as the weakest link in the chain of events.

If you rank #1 on Google but your website does a bad job converting visitors to leads or customers, your SEO optimisation won’t be that effective.

Alternatively, if you have the best converting website in the world, but you do not get any traffic to the website, your website won’t be that effective.

Here is just a preview what a basic strategy looks like and what you are going to learn throughout this guide.

Please do not get overwhelmed, as you do not need all the channels, but understanding them will definitely help you!

Lessons inside this course:

  • Part 1 – Why 97% of Businesses Fail to Succeed Online and How YOU Can Avoid That?
  • Part 2 – You do not need more customers, you need more…
  • Part 3 – Who is your perfect customer?
  • Part 4 – Why your website is underperforming and everything else you need to know about websites
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