Facebook Remarketing for Local Businesses

When you are running a local business, simply being on internet is not enough to maximize your local business brand reputation and sales. You need to advertise your business. As you know, most of the visitors are coming to your website, but not purchasing from you. You can take advantage of Facebook Custom Audience, which is available for every advertiser, to remarket. Remarketing in a local area is called local remarketing.  With custom audiences, you can reach those customers who have left your website without purchasing.

You can run a highly targeted ad for those potential customers who visit your website, add a product into cart, and then leave without completing the buying process. You remarketing ads should be creative; that includes an image, business logo and call to action, because the customers you are retargeting already know about you.

You can remarket to your current fans, newsletter subscribers, lookalike fans, lookalike subscribers, email contacts, phone numbers and lookalike website audiences. This will increase your local brand awareness, conversion and click through rate.

Here are some local remarketing tips that will be helpful for your local business:

1. Create similar audiences: With this tool, you can target more people in your local area. You can target your custom audience with lookalike audiences in order to find more customers who are similar to your custom audience. You can opt for similarity or reach. Similarity matches up to 1% who are similar to your custom audience in your area, and greater reach matches up to 5% who are a similar audience.

2. Segmentation: You want deliver highly targeted mail to your customers for more conversions. You need to segment your audience based on the pages they visited on your website and according to their behavior and actions. Segmentation will help you to create more creative ads for each group of your custom audience.

3. Restricted geographic targeting: You are running a remarketing campaign with Facebook, but there are so many users who are not from you location. To ignore these users, you need to restrict your geographic location when you are retargeting your local business. You need to re-engage only those customers who fall into your specific location.

These tips will help you to make some extra business for your brand, and you will be at the top of your customers’ mind.

Here are some benefits of local remarketing:

1. Brand awareness: Facebook Custom Audience will help you to remind your customers about you. Facebook remarketing ads recall the brand messages that your customers have already seen on your website. This will build their trust in you and your business.

2. More business: You can use the data about your customers and re-engage them with special bonuses, free guides, and offers to get more sales and leads with Facebook remarketing.

3. Improve relevancy and reduce loss: Facebook remarketing allows you to deliver highly targeted ads based on the previous action on your website. Remarketing provides you with a second chance to engage your ideal customers who already know about you and are more likely to buy.

Facebook Remarketing for Local Businesses

by Jan Demsar time to read: 2 min