How To Make Your LinkedIn Profile And Company Page Stand Out?

LinkedIn has several benefits for job hunting, networking, business exposure etc. It provides chance to business owners to promote their business over there. Everyday many user create their profiles over LinkedIn for establishing fruitful connections.

You can adopt following ways to make your LinkedIn profile or business profile stand out of the crowd and perform efficiently.

Keep your profile complete:

Very basic but necessary step, your profile should be 100% complete. Your profile reflects your personality and brand. Follow LinkedIn profile completion tips to make your profile complete. A well-managed profile has higher chances of getting viewed.  Keep your business as well as your profile complete and updated.

Stay connected:

Connections are a great way of getting potential customer for your business. LinkedIn recommendation is the most effective way of getting leads which will help you to increase sales. Have purposeful connections that will drive in traffic over your profile or website.

Post original content:

Just like Facebook and Twitter, post your contents on LinkedIn too. Promote your content on LinkedIn for grabbing leads. Always post unique and strong content.

Posts should be relevant, original and complementing to your business. Promote your content with your connections so that you can attract prospective clients for your business.

Advertise yourself:

LinkedIn allows you to add apps in your profile that will enable you to share your content with your connections. Don’t be shy in advertising your business and boast about it without hesitating. Go for making new connections and advertise yourself and your brand to them for getting targeted leads.

Have a customized URL:

Don’t copy paste the entire URL for your profile, this will make your profile look unprofessional. Try to get customized URL for yourself and your business which could be published on your page. Make use of keywords if possible. Customized URL enable your connection to discover your profile quickly and they can memorize it easily.

Increase your connections:

Look for people over LinkedIn to have connection. This will make you have a prospective connections that will generate leads for your business and you can promote your posts and business through them.

You can invite people from your email list or from your personal contacts to get connected with you through LinkedIn.

Join LinkedIn groups:

LinkedIn enables you to join up to 50 groups. Join LinkedIn groups to increase your connections and expand your network to the next level. You can promote your brand, business and updates over the group to establish your authority over your competitors. Try to indulge in the discussions to get noticed by your target audience.

Follow the above steps to make your company profile stand out from the crowd. This would help in gaining target traffic to your website. It is not mandatory to meet all the steps but would be beneficial if followed in a strategic manner.

How To Make Your LinkedIn Profile And Company Page Stand Out?

by Jan Demsar time to read: 2 min