Lead generation with YouTube

Lead generation is all about conversion, not the views. Every social media platform has their particular way to generate leads. YouTube video also plays an important role to build an audience list as it is the second most favorable search engine.

The user engagement and interaction ability of video content is better than only text. YouTube videos are 53 times easier to rank on search engines and cost effective for many businesses. Here are some best practices to generate leads with YouTube videos.

Target correct prospect:

Make a video that points out one of the prime problem of your prospective audiences. Then show them how your products or services can solve their problems. Don’t target everyone, specifies your audience according to demography, geographical location and interest.

This can decrease your views and increase conversions. The audience you get will more likely to watch more from you.

Make a short attentive video:

Create a 2 or 3 minute video to make viewers aware about your brand. You can include the benefits that your audience get from you and then upload it on YouTube. These videos help you to get attention of your potential customers, increase brand awareness and loyalty.

Include a call to action:

Take advantage of visible annotations in your video content, so that your viewers can click on the link and image and get redirected to your website. The traffic of your website is increased and search engine rankings are also improved.

Including call-to-action in video content motivate your audience to do the action, you want to get performed.

Use gated video content and an effective squeeze page:

Ensure that some of your video contents require opt-in of your viewers that includes their email to have access of more videos from you. So interested viewers who really want to watch your video, fill the opt-in form. You can also show them what benefits they will get after opting-in your list. Target them later via email or other online advertising.

Promote your video on other social platform:

To build a genuine audience list, you can share your YouTube brand channel video on other social media network (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+ etc.) to expand the reach of viewers. People go through with the link and watch video on your YouTube channel, more curious viewers will subscribe channel to get more updates from your brand.

Lead generation with YouTube

by Jan Demsar time to read: 2 min