E-commerce(Electronic Commerce) is defined as an activity that relates to the buying and selling of goods and services over the Internet. Are you ready to get your product in front of the largest audience 24/7? Contact us now and we will help you sell more or if you are just starting out, we will help you begin to sell more.

E-Commerce Development

E-commerce development services are constantly changing in order to stay on top of the all features that can help you sell more. Multilingual, Multistore, different tax rates, different shipping rates, different payment methods, integration with your online accounting tools? No problem, our team of experienced developers will create a web store based on your goals and budget. Our goal is not only to set up a website, but to also help you sell more!

E-commerce Marketing

With our e-commerce marketing services we will help you increase conversions while getting your products in front of a large target of potential customers, helping to increase revenue and drive repeat sales. Our approach includes all the services from the pay-per-click marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing, to more advanced services like Remarketing etc. With our reports and analysis you will also get complete overview of what customers are searching, which products interest them and which campaigns brings the most revenue.

E-commerce Search Engine Optimization

In order for your customers to find you, you need to have a e-commerce store optimized for keywords that your potential customers are searching for. With e-commerce search engine optimization services we can conduct analysis of possible keywords that would bring you quality traffic, increase conversion rates and increase market share. Higher search engine rankings will also save you money long term, because you will get traffic from Google, Yahoo and other search engines for FREE.

E-commerce Conversion Rate Optimization

Let’s assume that your website has a current conversion rate of 1.2% and the average order amount is 100$ while cost for acquiring 1000 customers is 1000$. If we increase your conversion rate by just 0.5% your revenue will grow from 1.200$ to 1.700$ while spending same amount for advertising. In this case profit increased from 200$ to 700$. Do not hesitate and contact us now and our specialized e-commerce professionals will help you increase profitability of your website today!

E-commerce User Experience & Design Optimization

When selling products on your e-commerce web store, user experience is very important factor. Unmatching colors, slow websites, confusing checkout process are just few of the glitches that might confuse your potential customer and lead to a loss of potential income. In order to have a successful long-term results you need to invest into making the shopping experience simple and pleasant for your visitors.

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