In most cases, there is plenty of room for improvement. We can help you lower your costs or increase the revenue by implementing simple strategies across parts of your business.

Content Optimization

“Content is king” – Bill Gates, 1992 Although this quote is more than two decades old it is still very apparent. Whether you are looking to optimize the conversion rate of your web site or just trying to improve search engine ranking positions, content comes first. Based on the statistics of your web site and our previous experiences we will modify your web site to suit the goal your are pursuing even further.

Search Engine Optimization

So, you have the perfectly crafted website, but the customers can’t find you. Is it because your website is not positioned near the top results of the top search engines like Google or Yahoo? (top 5 positioned websites gets 75% of the traffic). We can help you reach top positions using keywords that would be most profitable for your business and which will also minimize the costs of advertising because you will be getting free targeted traffic from organic search results.

Advanced Analytics Integration

Using Google’s advanced website statistics platform called “Google Analytics” we will help you understand your visitors, their behavior and what are they truly looking for. Having integrated Google Analytics in your website just doesn’t cut it anymore if you really want to take full advantage. Our team will help you integrate Google Analytics correctly. so you can take full advantage of the tracking, delivering the most detailed reports, helping you make future decisions based on the statistics of your real website visitors.

Speed Optimization

The page load time of your website is a critical factor for good User experience or for Search Engine Optimization. A delay of 1 second in Page load time based on statistics equals 7% loss in conversions, 11% fewer pages viewed and 16% decrease in customers satisfaction. The worldwide known company Amazon increased revenue by 1% for every 100 milliseconds of improvement in page load speed. With our extensive knowledge of optimizing different platforms we can help make your website fast and responsive.

Local Listings Optimization

Gone are the days when people were searching through phone directories to find a product or service in the local area. Using Google’s search engine customers can now find all the businesses or products in the nearby area with all the necessary information. Not only that, your potential customers are only 1 click away from calling you, because Google allows business to include all the information about your business including your phone number or email. Stop losing potential clients now and contact us, so we can help you with improving your web exposure.

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