What is Facebook Remarketing?

Remarketing is a technique that is used by marketers and businesses to re-target those website visitors who have left your website without making the desired action such as not purchasing, not signing up, abandoning their cart, etc. Using remarketing strategies, you can bring those potential customers back to your website and convert them into buying customers.

Facebook is the fastest growing social media website. Statistics indicate that there are 1.317 billion people who use facebook monthly and 829 million daily active users. (Source) Thus, Facebook captures a huge market, and you cannot ignore Facebook when marketing your business.

Facebook launched custom audiences in 2013 to help marketers and businesses to re-engage those customers who visited their website on desktop or mobile. With facebook custom audiences, you can reach your potential customers on desktop via Newsfeed ads, sidebar ads and permalinks ads. You can deliver targeted ads to them and encourage to complete their purchase online.

If you are promoting a mobile application, you can show facebook mobile app ads to encourage them to download, or, if they have already downloaded but didn’t use that application, you can offer them free stuff such as benefits of application, guides and “how to use” information to encourage them to use that application. Facebook website and mobile custom audiences work with all types of Facebook ad formats and placements (like sidebar and newsfeed) with targeting capabilities.

Facebook website custom audiences are similar to Facebook Exchange, a third party tool that many marketer use to interact with previous visitors on their desktop website.

You can use facebook custom audiences to target previous visitors, such as people who come to your website but don’t not complete required actions like sign up and sale, who buy a particular product from you to cross sell, or who have not visited your website after a fixed time period. You can also target those customers who never open your emails, Facebook fans, and your top customers.

Facebook remarketing drives more likes to your Facebook page, building your brand awareness, boosting sales and increasing your conversions, generating more leads with newsletter signups, and finding similar audiences to your potential customers using lookalike audiences with Facebook website custom audiences.

One more thing: you do not have to spend more money for remarketing ads because they cost about the same as the ordinary ones. To take advantage of custom audiences, you need to set a facebook remarketing campaign, you need to upload the list of your custom audience visitors like email, contact information, and then you can use your website and mobile app with custom audiences.

You can invite them back to your website with highly targeted ads that include some offers to increase sales and loyalty in your niche market. You need to keep updating your audiences and exclude your current buyers from the custom audience list.

So what do you think about Facebook custom audiences? Have you ever tried to re-engage your customers with your custom audience? If your answer is no, then it is your turn to use custom audiences to boost your sales and conversions. Start today.

What is Facebook Remarketing?

by Jan Demsar time to read: 2 min